Learn How To Make Money With Amateur Contests

The concept of Amateur Contests with Big Money Prizes is simple enough. You set up an item or service and let your contestants fight it out to see whose is the best. Some people are good at the idea of writing, while others might prefer sewing or baking. Still others might like to be more physical and set up a contest where you have your contestants on each floor of your building running around and trying to knock down the biggest and best objects that they can find. Sometimes these contests can get out of hand and require a security guard to watch the premises. Read more “Learn How To Make Money With Amateur Contests”

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Discover Basel in Beautiful and Stylish Company – Escort Basel

Discover Basel in beautiful and trendy company – Escort Basel is the leading luxury hotel group offering the most sought after properties in Switzerland. The hotel group includes five luxurious hotels including The Lake Hotel, The Dorothea, The Marriott Hotel, The Olympie, and The Carlton. These hotels are all located near all of the major tourist attractions such as Swiss National Park, Lake Geneva, Zermatt, The Rhine Falls, Lake Maggoire, and much more. Read more “Discover Basel in Beautiful and Stylish Company – Escort Basel”