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Discover Basel in beautiful and trendy company – Escort Basel is the leading luxury hotel group offering the most sought after properties in Switzerland. The hotel group includes five luxurious hotels including The Lake Hotel, The Dorothea, The Marriott Hotel, The Olympie, and The Carlton. These hotels are all located near all of the major tourist attractions such as Swiss National Park, Lake Geneva, Zermatt, The Rhine Falls, Lake Maggoire, and much more.

At The Lake Hotel, you will experience an impressive mix of Swiss tradition and contemporary style that combine with Basel’s contemporary lifestyle and shopping malls. The Lake Hotel has won numerous awards including The Best Luxury Hotel in the World. You can enjoy fine dining, award winning cuisine, charming accommodations, world class spa, and luxurious amenities that truly make this one of a kind stay.

In The Carlton, you will enjoy an amazing mix of Swiss tradition and modern culture that includes an attractive pool, bar, and lounge. If you enjoy watching sports, The Carlton offers you the chance to watch your favorite sport or play one on one tennis, badminton, or golf on one of their courts. There is a location in this hotel that allows you to soak up some sun on the beach during your free time. You can find activities and amenities that allow you to enjoy everything that The Carlton has to offer including fitness classes, indoor pools, boat docks, walking trails, and bicycling.

At the beautifully themed Basel Convention Center, you will experience an exciting venue that features world class exhibits, thrilling hospitality, corporate entertainment, and top quality conference facilities. This hotel boasts one of the best conference centers in the world. You can enjoy sensational deals and discounts throughout the year to help you stay within your budget. It has become very popular for corporate events, conferences, and family get-togethers with rooms being booked quickly and fully booked on a regular basis.

Discover Basel in Beautiful and Stylish Company – Escort Basel promises you the ultimate in luxury while enjoying a convenient location. The hotel features both contemporary and traditional interior design with chic furnishings and breathtaking views of the city and lake. It also features a gymnasium and a swimming pool for you to enjoy during your leisure time. The location is very close to business, dining, shopping, and other interesting establishments. You will be able to enjoy all of these exciting establishments right in your room without ever having to leave your room.

The Royal Orchid Garden is another fun place where you and your fellow business associates can relax during your vacation. The garden is perfect for a romantic meal, but you can also enjoy a quiet day browsing through the beautiful flowers and plants. The Royal Orchid is not just a place to view plants; you can also enjoy a tour of the entire plant kingdom during your stay at Discover Basel in beautiful and stylish company – Escort Basel. The tour leads you to the gardens of Prince Edward, which is famous for their historic architecture and exquisite gardens.

The hotel features a spa and a steam room for you to enjoy a relaxing massage when you feel a little stressed out from the hectic activities of your day. In addition, the hotel offers several delicious dishes that are fit for a royal occasion or a quiet evening. They even have an in-room restaurant that serves continental and international cuisine. This is one of the reasons that Discover Basel in Beautiful and Stylish Company – Escort Basel is so popular among visiting celebrities and visiting business associates because it offers such amazing options for everyone.

If you are planning a business trip that requires a lot of traveling and a lot of sightseeing then Discover Basel in Beautiful and Stylish Company – Escort Basel is perfect for you. You will have a lot of fun and if you are in a small group or a large group you will have some great opportunities for relaxation and recreation. The hotel staff is extremely friendly and helpful and even though the rooms are small, they have well-furnished rooms that are comfortable and stylish. The rooms also contain a refrigerator and a coffee maker, making life a little easier if you have a social life and need a place to unwind.

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