Secrets of Tantric Lesbian Sex

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Just like women relationships with men, women that have sex with other women need ways to make their experiences more connected and ecstatic. Maybe your sex life is no longer filled with excitement. Perhaps, you simply want to explore your fantasies fully. Well, the world of Tantra has lots of lessons for you. Here are key secrets of Tantric lesbian sex that you should try to enjoy a more thrilling sexual experience with your partner:

Focus on More than Clitoral orgasm

During sex, it is uncommon that many people pay attention to attaining clitoral orgasm only. This is not a bad idea. However, it denies you the opportunity to explore and experience intimacy and a deep connection with your other half. Besides clitoral orgasm, there are mild sensations throughout the body that will make the sex more pleasurable. Try them out.

Redefine Your Sex Life

To experience Tantric lesbian asian massage sex, it is important that you understand what sex means to both of you. As a couple, see sex as a chance to connect physically, emotionally and mentally. Establish a deep connection in terms of your consciousness, hearts and actual sex.

Create the Right Environment and Mood

Traditionally, Tantric sex is considered ceremonial and ritualistic. To enjoy a mind blowing lesbian sex, create a clean, cozy and intimate space. This should be an ideal place where you both feel free and pleased to bond in. Spice up the environment and mood with crystals, fresh flowers, candles, and music. Don’t forget to clear the space of items that would create distraction.

Exhibit Proper Balance between Masculine and Feminine Energy

One woman must assume a masculine role while the other stays soft and surrendered. There can also be sharing of roles between partners during lesbian sex. This can create a sense of polarity that makes the experience more fulfilling.

Let Emotions Flow Naturally

When deep intimacy is felt between lovers, sexual energy flows. This evokes both sweet and painful sensations. Even if you may not want to experience sadness and anger during sex, Tantric sex encourages both partners to let their emotions flow. Both negative and positive sensations are integral to creating a connection that is required to enjoy a great lesbian massage in las vegas.

Sync with Your Woman

To unleash an almost similar sensual feeling on your woman during sex, try to sync your breathing with hers. If your partner is not turned on, use your energy to hit her spark and boost her orgasmic sensations. This will significantly enhance emotional connection and lead to a more fulfilling sex experience and orgasmic overflow.

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